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  • 台北 采采食茶文化 Cha Cha Thé(中英对照)


    台北 采采食茶文化 Cha Cha Thé(中英对照)

    两年前的夏天,有位朋友向我推荐了这间优雅的茶馆 / 餐厅, 从此这里就成为我在台北最爱的地方之一。在东区的喧嚣繁忙之中,这间店的沈静氛围实在难得,而店内的精美装璜和高雅的商品陈列,无一不反映出本店老闆陈夏姿的出众品味。


    I was first introduced to Cha Cha Thé two summers ago by a friend, and this elegant teahouse/restaurant has remained one of my favorite spots in Taipei ever since. It is a most welcomed center of calm admist the dizzying Taipei Eastern district, with beautiful interior design and tasteful merchandising that hint at the background of its owner Shiatzy Chen.



    台北 采采食茶文化 Cha Cha Thé(中英对照)
    店内摆设 Interior



    墙上展示一系列的商品, 排列方式十分赏心悦目。


    A selection of merchandise is gracefully displayed on the walls.



    台北 采采食茶文化 Cha Cha Thé(中英对照)
    包装 Packaging


    台北 采采食茶文化 Cha Cha Thé(中英对照)
    茶具 Ceramic Teaware





    And there are other items tastefully placed here and there throughout the space.



    台北 采采食茶文化 Cha Cha Thé(中英对照)
    陈设 Merchandise





    The simple, soothing melody of Bach’s Cello Suites was floating through the air, perfectly befitting for the composed space.



    台北 采采食茶文化 Cha Cha Thé(中英对照)
    室内 Interior


    台北 采采食茶文化 Cha Cha Thé(中英对照)
    中庭 Tree in the courtyard





    Upon closer inspection, you will notice that the inner wall is built from tea bricks, subtly perfuming the air.



    台北 采采食茶文化 Cha Cha Thé(中英对照)
    茶叶墙 Tea Wall


    台北 采采食茶文化 Cha Cha Thé(中英对照)
    一个安静的角落 A quiet corner



    下午茶套餐, 包含一壶热茶和任选两样甜点, 价格根据所选的茶而定,由480-580 NTD不等(加上10%服务费)。你也可选择单点的茶和甜点(每人最低消费 300 NTD加10%服务费)。


    The afternoon tea set, inclusive of a pot of tea and two desserts of choice, ranges from 480 to 580 NTD (+10% service charge) depending on the type of tea you order. A la carte orders of tea and desserts are also available (minimum spend 300 NTD/person).



    台北 采采食茶文化 Cha Cha Thé(中英对照)



    我们试了南非花草茶 (Flowered Rooibos), 一款亮橘色,带有柔和花香调的花草茶,还有名为 东方美人(Oriental Beauty),闪耀着迷人的琥珀色泽的优雅的乌龙茶。


    We tried the Flowered Rooibos (南非花草茶), a vibrantly orange-colored tea characterized by its soft floral notes, and the Oriental Beauty (东方美人), an elegant blend of Oolong tea with a bright amber luster and a sweet aftertaste.



    台北 采采食茶文化 Cha Cha Thé(中英对照)
    茶 Tea





    All eight dessert options (including two savory items) looked very tempting, so it took us a while and the help of our gracious waiter to pick out four. The first was a Darjeeling sponge cake - soft, fluffy, light, and fragrant with the soothing black tea flavor.



    台北 采采食茶文化 Cha Cha Thé(中英对照)
    大吉岭蛋糕 Darjeeling sponge cake





    Next was the dark chocolate with Grand Marnier cake, two triangular blocks of decadently rich chocolate cake punctuated with chopped walnuts and the ambrosial orange flavor of Grand Marnier.



    台北 采采食茶文化 Cha Cha Thé(中英对照)
    橙香黑巧克力砖糕 Dark chocolate with Grand Marnier Cake



    下一道养生香草紫米塔是个十足的惊喜。柔软的塔皮与台湾凤梨酥表皮的质地相仿, 轻柔包覆住香气迷人却不过分甜腻的紫米内馅, 让人讚歎不已的美味。


    We were wowed by the black rice with vanilla tart, a beautiful combination of east and west. The tart, soft like the shell of Taiwanese pineapple cakes, envelops a vanilla black rice filling that was rich in flavor but not overly sweet. Double like. 



    台北 采采食茶文化 Cha Cha Thé(中英对照)
    养生香草紫米塔 Black rice with vanilla tart



    最后一道是抹茶风味水果塔, 令人失望的是入口几乎察觉不到抹茶香, 卡士达酱也不够浓稠。早知如此我应该听从侍者的建议, 改点黑芝麻鲜炖奶。唉。


    Lastly there was the matcha fruit tart, which disappointed me a little as the green tea flavor was barely there and the custard was too runny. I wish I had ordered the panna cotta with black sesame as suggested by our waiter.



    台北 采采食茶文化 Cha Cha Thé(中英对照)
    抹茶风味水果塔 Matcha fruit tart


    台北 采采食茶文化 Cha Cha Thé(中英对照)
    小宝石 Little jewels



    在结帐柜抬时, 服务人员为我们递上店家自製的牛轧糖和黑枣核桃糕。好吃,好吃。


    At the cashier, we were presented with some complimentary candies – house made nougats and black date walnut cake, both quite delicious.



    台北 采采食茶文化 Cha Cha Thé(中英对照)
    招待的糖果 Complimentary candy



    采采食茶文化依旧名列我个人最爱的台北下午茶名单中。谦恭有礼的店员、美味的点心和优雅的气氛 - 这里绝对是个值得稍做停留,好好感受的地方。


    Cha Cha Thé remains one of my favorite afternoon tea spots in Taipei. Courteous staff, delicious food, beautiful ambience. Come, and stay for a while.



    台北 采采食茶文化 Cha Cha Thé(中英对照)



    采采食茶文化 Cha Cha Thé


    电话:(02) 2781 8289

    营业时间:11:30am~10:00pm (下午茶 2:oopm~5:30pm)


    价位:[午餐] 790~990台币 (+10%), [下午茶] 480~580台币 (+10%)





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